Leghorn in morning light
buff orpington butt
White Chicken (On Blue and Brown)
 oil on board - 6” x 6” sold
Rhode Island red on blue
Away Chicken
Two Hens
Dark Chicken on White
 oil on board 6” x 6” sold
Run Away 8
 oil on board - 6” x 6” sold
Away Chicken (Orange 2)
Chicken (On Green)
BTF Chicken
Araucana 2
Chicken 8
Chicken (On Orange and Blue)
Green on Green
Blue Chicken
Fall Chicken
Chicken Orange 3
White Chicken (On Orange)
Brown Chicken (On Orange)
White and Black Chicken
White Chicken (On Orange, Small)
Chicken (On Pink)
Brown Chicken (On Hot Yellow)
Brock on Green
Chicken (on Yellow)
Brown Chicken (On Green)
Green Araucana
Three in a Row
Chicken 4
Blue Chicken
Gray Chicken
Chicken Sunrise
A Rooster
Chicken 1
Chicken (On Orange, 2)
Chicken 8
White Chicken (On Orange, 3)
Chicken (On Pink, 2)
Chicken 5
Chicken 3
Chicken 3
Araucana on Blue
Chicken 2
White Chicken (On Yellow, 2)
White Chicken with Shadow (On Red)
Orange on Orange
Bright Chicken on Blue
Chicken 50
A Colorful Chicken
Run Away
more coming soon!
Araucana on neutral
Araucana on blue-gray
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